First post! Upcoming review.

Getting used to this whole setup isn’t too bad, I’ve never worked with a blog before though (or website building of any kind for that matter).

So, the first game I plan to review is Sono Hanabira 8. It is a yuri eroge, I really love yuri <3. I should have this review up within a week. I’m still playing it and I don’t read particularly fast yet. I have read/watched/played lots of yuri stuff and think I have a solid grasp on the genre. The review will be pretty in-depth and I will do my best to make it awesome and full of cute, like the following image.

Ultimate cuteness

omg <3!

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3 Responses to First post! Upcoming review.

  1. Mazyrian says:

    First post!
    Hm, April? Is this alive?
    Well, anyways, it’s nice to see another blog about visual novels. It’s always interesting to read other people’s opinion on untranslated games, of which there are so much it’s sometimes hard to decide what to play.
    And this is also interesting as a yuri fan; except for 7, whose couple I loathed (reason I haven’t gone through 10), I liked the Sono Hanabira games.

    • dniknu says:

      Actually yeah I’m just about done reading it. Had a bunch of radical changes IRL happen. Things are pretty stable lately. Should actually be done fairly soon. I wasn’t sure if I was still going to even make the review, but your post made me want to :).

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